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Montana Trailer Registration

Trailer registration in Montana is governed by the Montana Code Annotated: 61-3-321(3)(a-b). It states that all trailers in Montana must be permanently registered. 

So if you want to own a trailer in Montana, you must understand how you can register it. Even if you don’t live in Montana, you can purchase a trailer through a Montana LLC and license it in Montana. But why would you want to register your trailer in Montana if you live elsewhere?

In this article, we will go through the steps you need to take to register your trailer and Montana and the benefits that come with it. 

Steps to register a trailer

The easiest way to register your trailer in Montana is through a Montana LLC. Your Montana LLC will essentially be a resident of Montana. So it does not matter if you live there or not. As a resident, your Montana LLC will enjoy all the rights of a Montana resident.

When you register your trailer through a Montana LLC, the LLC will be listed on the registry instead of you. You will have control over the LLC but not personally own the trailer. 

The first step is to get your LLC ready. To do that, you will need to give it a name. Since two companies cannot have the same name, you will have to dig through the Montana Business Database and create a name for your Montana LLC. 

Now that you have a name, it’s time to find an agency. The agency will act as your registered Montana agent and maintain your LLC’s physical address for you. Many agencies in Montana offer such services, and you should have no trouble finding one. A simple background check should help you find a reliable agency for your Montana LLC. 

Next, you will have to fill out some documents to finalize your LLC. The agency will arrange all of the papers, and you have to fill out all the necessary information. Be sure that the documents show that the members of the LLC (i.e., you) have the sole authority to make decisions for the LLC. 

After your Montana LLC is formed, the LCC will purchase the trailer. As a member of the LLC, you have the power to decide which trailer you want to buy. You can also register a trailer you already own.  

You are almost done. The agency will send all the necessary documents to the Country DMV (Department of Motor Vehicle). After that, your trailer registration should be complete within a week. Your agency will send over your license plates, registration, and title documents to you. 


Registering your trailer in Montana comes with some initial expenses. But Montana offers permanent plates for trailers with no annual inspection. So it becomes much more affordable in the long run. 

The first set of fees will come from forming your Montana LLC. The price will vary depending on the agency you choose, but all of them should charge similar prices. Expect to pay at least $300 for forming the LLC. You will also have to pay them a yearly fee to act as your registered agent, and this fee will cost at least $49 per year. 

Your job isn’t done after you form your Montana LLC, and you will have to file $20 every year to the Secretary of State. Now that your LLC is ready, you can register any trailer, car, airplane, or any other asset you purchase in the future through it.

Finally, your agency will charge you a trailer registration fee that includes the payment to the DMV. You should expect to pay around $449 for this fee. You can check the DMV web page for a more detailed rundown of the expenses. 

Benefits of registering in Montana

Now that you know how to register your trailer in Montana let’s get to why you should. The primary and most significant benefit of registering your trailer in Montana is that you won’t have to pay any sales tax.

Montana is one of the few states without sales tax. You will have to pay a 3%-10% sales tax on assets in most states. The average price of a double-wide trailer is $75,000, and this price can go up to as high as $100,000. So in other states, you can expect to pay up to $7,500-$10,000 in just sales tax. 

If you are already spending so much money on a purchase, you would want to save up on any avoidable cost you can. Registering your trailer in Montana is a smart and perfectly legal solution to this problem. 

Many people believe that forming a Montana LLC to register your vehicle is illegal. But this could not be further from the truth. This is a legal and widely accepted practice. It would be disruptive to corporations and LLCs if the state decided to ban this practice. As a result, there is no incentive for this to change at any time in the foreseeable future. 

Another benefit is that trailers in Montana receive a permanent license plate. Since there is no physical inspection in Montana, you don’t have to worry about renewing your trailer registration every year. You register it once, and it will last until the end of the trailer’s lifetime. 

The convenience and benefits Montana offers make it the best location for registering not just your trailer but any vehicle. 

How long it takes

Montana trailer registration is a relatively quick process. You will need to keep up to 3 days to form your Montana LLC. Then you will need a few days to purchase the trailer of your choice. 

Once everything is ready, your agency should send all the necessary documents to the DMV. The registration process usually takes a week to complete. After that, the agency should mail you all your documents and plates the next day. 

Final Words

A trailer is a significant investment. So it is normal for anyone looking to buy one to avoid as many additional charges as possible. 

Montana offers a set of benefits that make it the perfect place to register any expensive vehicle. As a result, it is a popular destination for trailer registration. You have very little to lose, and it is easy to find an agency that will take care of most of the work for you.

Montana residents have no reason to register their vehicles in any other state. While it is possible to do the registration process by yourself, we recommend getting the help of an agency to avoid wasting your time and making the entire experience seamless.  

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